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Article: 5 Essential Suit Colors in a Man's Wardrobe

5 Essential Suit Colors in a Man's Wardrobe

5 Essential Suit Colors in a Man's Wardrobe

Kitting a wardrobe out with suits is always exciting. When a man has been bitten by the 'suit bug', they want to cram as many suits into their wardrobe as possible.
Of course, you don't always want to be picking up the same type of suit. You don't want the same cuts, and you certainly don't want the same colors. You want a collection of suits where you will always find something that is perfect for the occasion.
Here, we want to focus specifically on the issue of color. The essential suit colors for any man's wardrobe. So, what color suits should a man own? Let's discuss!


Navy Blue

If you buy just one suit color, it has to be navy blue. It is a color that fits into just about every situation. Rock it in the office, at weddings, or even at a funeral. This is probably the most popular color suit there is and, for most men, the only suit color they will ever buy (or rent, if they aren't about splashing the cash).
We don't think there is a single man out there who wouldn't look good in a navy blue suit, assuming it has been tailored correctly. The great thing about a navy blue suit is that it works with many different colors. For example, you can throw in a colored shirt, or a patterned tie, and you are still going to look as great.


Charcoal Gray

Charcoal gray suits are favored by the older gentleman. They aren't quite as popular as navy blue suits, but they are just as versatile. Pretty much any situation where you can wear a navy blue suit, a charcoal gray one is going to be a suitable replacement.
There isn't much here that we have covered with a navy blue suit. Charcoal gray is simple, but that is what makes it so good and an essential color for any man's wardrobe.



Black suits are only ever going to have a limited function. They probably aren't for every man. However, we see them as an essential part of any man's wardrobe.
While black suits are commonly pulled out for funerals, in our opinion, black suits tend to be the best type of formal suit. For example, black tie events literally demand black suits.
The problem is that black suits are not versatile. When you wear one of these, it is your look. It isn't to complement your look. Put on a black suit, and it will pretty much overshadow everything else that you're wearing.
You may also want to give black suits a skip if you have light-colored hair. They don't work well when you have lighter hair or even a lighter skin color. You stand out like a sore thumb when the rest of your attire is so dark.


Light Gray

Light gray suits fall into pretty much the same category as charcoal gray and navy blue. They are versatile...just not quite as versatile.
Light gray suits tend to work much, much better as a bit of casual attire, normally during the spring and summer months. It probably isn't the type of suit that you would be pulling out for more formal affairs, although it could work well for a summer wedding.
Because light gray is more of a casual color, you will probably find that this one of the men's suit colors works well when you want to get experimental with your style. Add a different color shirt in there, and you could look incredibly stylish!
This wouldn't be the first suit we would buy, but certainly one you may start considering when you are rounding out your suit collection.



Our last choice for essential men's suit colors was a bit tricky. We had two options; white, or khaki. As you can see, we went with the khaki.
The problem with white suits is that while they can look rather snazzy, they just don't suit most men. White suits are unique, so unique that if you don one of them, everybody is going to have their eyes on you. Great for some situations, not so great for others.
Khaki suits, on the other hand, are much more neutral in their color. You won't stand out, but you are still going to be wearing something that errs on the unique side of things. Khaki suits are perfect for the summer, or when you feel like having something a bit more laid back and casual.
Enjoy spicing up your look? Khaki suits may be the way to go. They work well with little splashes of color added through accessories, ties, and shirts.


Final Thoughts

Of course, this is just a smattering of ideas about what the best suit colors for men are. Fashion is fashion, and what we like may not be what something else likes. We do recommend that you start with either a navy blue or a charcoal gray suit. Once you have the essentials, you can start rounding out your wardrobe. Try on a few colors, see which fits your style the best!

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