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About Us

About us

Finepeek is an online fashion store based in Southern California with a view for providing ultimate luxury quality pieces.


Our job is to act as the customer's eyes, seeking, identifying and collecting good quality, distinctive, affordable garment from all over the world. We will start from women's wear and men's wear, and bring you clothing with inspiration and stylish. In the future, we will also focus on children's wear and daily necessities. We love the unique products made by different cultures, different crafts skill and different regions. In these products, we are inspired by the designer and the local culture. At the same time, we also strictly control the quality of products, to ensure that all products at the best price and maintain high quality.

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Who we are


We are a small group of people from Southern California, founded in 2021. We are a group of people who have a passion for fashion and a natural lifestyle. We hope that the products from all over the world can convey the spirit of different understanding about fashion from different culture with the same passion for life. Our buyers come from all over the world and we have a factory in China. We realize our design from our own factory in accordance with the high quality and effectively cost control.

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Our mission


Our mission is to ensure that each and every piece we sell is made with quality and care. We are committed to conveying the attitude of loving life to our customers. Live in the moment, let’s love life, dress up life, and enjoy life. Finepeek promises all our customers that we hand select each factory to produce every single product to meet our strict standards. Here, you can feel at ease and shop with confidence knowing that we offer quality products with prices that you will love.


How we work


Our love of high end fashion starts from each detail and fit, but ends with a goal to bring everyone access with an affordable price point. Our buyers come from all over the world. We implement the designer's ideas in our factory. We supervise and arrange the production of clothes under strictly quality control. We pursue one-stop service and hope customers can find all your needs here. Whether it's for boys, girls, friends or parents, all the products you want can be found here.


We are also a progressive group who do like to improve our products, services, shipping and so on. If you have any questions or suggestions during the shopping process, please feel free to contact us.

Therefore, your feedback will be seriously considered and discussed, which will help us to our further improvement.