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Article: A Guide to Beach Wedding Casual Attire for Men

A Guide to Beach Wedding Casual Attire for Men

A Guide to Beach Wedding Casual Attire for Men

The allure of summer weddings is undeniable, and beach weddings hold a special place among the charming options. The sun-kissed shores offer a picturesque backdrop and a relaxed ambiance that's hard to beat. If you find yourself on the guest list for such a delightful occasion, the question of appropriate beach wedding attire for men might be crossing your mind. While formal tuxedos are likely unnecessary, gauging the right level of casualness can be a puzzle. Is a blazer mandatory? Are shorts acceptable? What about footwear? Fear not, for we have your back. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the art of dressing for beachfront weddings, covering everything from trousers to sandals.


When you receive an invite to a beach wedding, chances are it's leaning toward the casual side of the spectrum. There's something inherently romantic about the setting, where the natural beauty takes center stage, often rendering excessive formality unnecessary. This relaxed ambiance allows you to forgo the tuxedo rental or the meticulous dry cleaning of your best suit. Depending on the event's specifics, you might even contemplate wearing shorts.


The level of casualness can usually be deciphered by checking the wedding invitation or engaging in a friendly conversation with the happy couple. With this knowledge, you can craft your ideal ensemble for the occasion. Let's explore some ideas for a stylish yet laid-back beach wedding outfit for men.



Shorts - The Versatile Option

 Finepeek men's shorts

If there's ever a time to consider donning shorts for a wedding, a beach celebration would be it. However, take your time to bare your legs just because the ceremony is by the sea. Remember, your presence in the wedding photos should enhance the couple's joy, not distract from it.


Should the invitation emphasize a casual dress code or explicitly approve of shorts, you have a green light to showcase your sun-kissed calves. Yet, not all shorts are created equal. Opt for well-structured shorts crafted from quality fabrics, ensuring comfort and style. Consider the following choices:

  • Chinos-style shorts
  • Hemp or linen shorts
  • Madras or Bermuda shorts


Pair your shorts with a sophisticated, lightweight, long-sleeve linen shirt in a bold hue. This combination balances casual and intentional, reflecting your respect for the occasion.



Suits - Elevate Casual to Classy

 1PA1 Men's 100% Linen Suits Two-Button Plaid Blazer Suits

Surprisingly, a suit can be an excellent choice for beach wedding attire, even within the realms of casualness. The key lies in the fabric, fit, and overall styling choices. Ditch the notion that suits are exclusively formal and embrace their potential to exude a relaxed yet refined vibe.


However, sun, sand, and potential water sprays demand thoughtful considerations. Opt for breathable fabrics that keep you cool under the sun's gaze. Linen takes center stage here, but you can explore options like seersucker, Fresco wool, or chambray.


Styling plays a pivotal role as well. Choose light neutrals such as white, beige, or light brown to reflect the sunlight and maintain a comfortable temperature. Mixing different suit components, like a light blue jacket with beige pants, add casual elegance to your ensemble.



Blazers - A Dash of Elegance

1pa1 men's linen blazer


Consider a fitted blazer or sports coat for a hint of sophistication without the full commitment of a suit. As with other elements of beach attire, opt for lightweight fabrics to ensure comfort in the coastal climate. A seersucker blazer, for instance, provides both texture and breathability.


Embrace the vibrant spirit of beach weddings by experimenting with colors. A bold yellow, sky blue, or vibrant green blazer injects a sense of playfulness into your look. Alternatively, a madras tartan pattern on a lightweight cotton blazer combines the breeziness of linen with the visual flair of a pattern.


Pair your blazer with navy or khaki chinos, and complete the look with classic summer boat shoes. This ensemble perfectly balances respect for the occasion and personal comfort.



Sandals - Footwear with a Coastal Flair


Sandals are a beachgoer's staple, and they can also find a place in your beach wedding attire. The level of casualness in the event can serve as your guide. While flip-flops might be slightly too relaxed, sandals with a touch of structure are a great alternative.


Consider Birkenstocks for a blend of practicality and style. If you prefer toe coverage, huaraches, a type of ancient Mexican footwear, offer a unique blend of beachy aesthetics and closed-toe support. These sandals embrace the beach vibe and ensure you will only be bringing unwanted sand into your socks.

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