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Article: How a suit for men should fit?

How a suit for men should fit?

How a suit for men should fit?

No wonder, trends in fashion will come and go. But the fundamentals would remain the same. Although buying a suit is an easy process, finding the one with the right size for your needs is challenging.


You should know that fit is the only factor that makes the suit look sharp. To make things easy for you, this post breaks down a few kinds of suits and how you should wear them.


How to wear a regular suit:

Regular suits not only look good for many years to come, but also they make you confident when dating. As such, it makes a great investment. When it comes to wearing a regular suit, the key elements to consider are the shoulders and the collar.


Besides, the suit should fit snugly with the shirt you are wearing. Moreover, the shoulders have to be broader. Also, it should have a great shape throughout the waist with little to no suppression.


Additionally, there should be enough room in your back and bicep for movement. The trousers must sit around your waist and not on your hips. Whether you have cuffs or not, the best practice is to make the hems sit on the laces.


How to wear a relaxed suit:

As the name suggests, relaxed suits have basic roots but they are perfect for the weekends than on other days. That way, you can wear a relaxed suit with a sneaker or even a hoodie. Besides, you don't have to wear it with a decent pair of shoes as well.


Sometimes, it may feel like you are going over the edge when you are wearing a relaxed suit. The oversized attire will also make you feel that you are in your dad's clothes. While the body needs to be loose, you have to pay attention to the sleeves and trousers.


If the sleeves and trousers are too long, the entire suit would be shapeless and big. Beyond the actual size, you can get looser as long as it feels comfortable. You can consider an oversized jacket, a hoodie, or even a T-shirt.


How to wear a slim suit:

 Physically flattering, the slim suits are always on-trend. There is no denying that the slim-fit suits elongate the shape of your body while offering adequate space for movement. Therefore, wearing this kind of costume has to be perfect.


Perhaps, you should start from the shoulders to make things the right way. The shoulders should stay flat on your shoulders. If you are looking for a slim fit suit, try buying a pair of trousers that will narrow down your thigh. Are you looking for a men suit store for something fresh? If so, check out this new men's suit.



How to wear a skinny suit:

If you want to wear a suit that's skinny like your jeans, skinny suits are your best bet. Skinny suits should make you feel like it's your second skin. The shoulders have to sit flush on your own.


Also, you should button the jacket with ease. The waist nips in tightly while the trousers taper from the waist and bang on your ankle. However, if they touch your shoes, make them a bit shorter. You can wear a waistcoat, too. But ensure that there is enough room for a snug jacket.

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