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Article: 4 Tips to Care for Linen Suits

4 Tips to Care for Linen Suits
care instruction

4 Tips to Care for Linen Suits

The typical merit of linen fabric - lightweight, breathable, personality makes this fabric more and more popular this summer. It is in line with people's pursuit of a casual lifestyle and rustic natural lifestyle. But along with its rustic lifestyle, it is prone to wrinkles. But there’s no need to let the care for this fabric put you off purchasing though. Today we would like to share the care instruction for linen fabric, check the Q&A below which will help to keep your linen pants, waistcoats, and suits elegant for any occasion.

Q and A 


Question 1:

I fell in love with these summer linen suits but I worry they will be SUPER wrinkled. I know linen does fold and wrinkle but I am curious about how to keep it in good condition.

Answer 1:

The wrinkle of linen suits is one of its features. If you want your suit to look smooth and straight, that means you will need to iron it. Please iron under slightly damp conditions, using a medium-temperature iron.


Question 2: Any idea how to get the stains out from my linen suits? (How Do You Wash Linen?)

Answer 2: It doesn’t need to pay specialists to wash your linen suits. It can be washed at home easily. One important thing is linen doesn’t like bleach. Please do not bleach it.

Since the linen suits are delicate fabric they should be washed in lukewarm or cold water with mild detergent. If you have one on your washing machine, use soft cold water and soft detergent.

Question 3:

How Do I Dry Linen?

Answer 3:

Drying linen in a tumble dryer but if you’re going to do this then you need to take it out when still slightly damp and hang or lay flat to finish drying to avoid excessive creasing and the fabric going stiff. Do not tumble dry linen and then forget to remove it from the machine immediately.

Question 4:

How Do You Store a Linen Suit?

Answer 4:

To store your linen suits, it is better to hang them straight somewhere that

It won’t get folded or crumpled. Use a suit bag to avoid squash in your wardrobe. A broad coat hanger with padded corners is ideal for a linen jacket as it will avoid putting hanger marks on the shoulders of your jacket.

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