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Article: Style Tips 2022 : Linen Suits and Cotton Suits

Style Tips 2022 : Linen Suits and Cotton Suits

Style Tips 2022 : Linen Suits and Cotton Suits

Looking into your closet as you have a special event to attend, you clear all the cobwebs on the suits you have. It has been ages that you’ve worn a suit and the ones that you have are outdated and probably have a handful of holes from being dinner to a few critters. Fear not, as we will teach you the basics so you know what to look for in your new suit purchase.


This article will focus on the differences between 100% cotton suits and 100% linen suits, and the mixture of cotton/linen suits. We will provide insight into each material’s advantages and give you a better look into each suit’s style and offer you a few wonderful outfit ideas.


Cotton and linen are two extremely popular materials used in suits for men. Since both of these materials are organic and derived from plants, they are also very comfortable to wear.  Cotton comes from cotton plants, while linen is made from the fibers of the flax plant. Both materials are wonderful choices and each has its own quality standards. 

Suits with 100% Linen – Pure Linen Suits


There are so many benefits in linen that it may take quite a while to explain them all.  We will focus on just a few specific advantages of linen. Known to be a durable fabric that is very breathable and lightweight, it is perfect for all seasons and occasions. The flax fiber construction does not give too much stretch when compared to cotton, but it is easy to care for and a durable fabric that will not lose its shape after washing. If anything, linen will become softer and shinier over time and might be enjoyed for generations to come. 


Always a correct choice of fabric, linen is an unspoken luxury that can be worn by all. Most linen clothes are made with a loose-fitting design to make the wearer even more comfortable.  Making linen the proper choice when selecting a suit.

Suits with 100% Cotton – Pure Cotton Suits

Cotton is another fabric that has a wealth of benefits. Cotton is the most used natural fiber in the world, and that is no mistake. Its hypoallergenic material has the ability to control moisture, insulation, and comfort are just a few of its advantages. It is also a very durable fabric and can withstand many washes. Cotton suits are typically lighter than those made of linen, and the comfortability factor does not suffer because of it. Making cotton a great alternative to the more expensive linen counterpart.

Suits with mixed linen-cotton

With cotton and linen having so many advantages, there are bound to be some shortcomings as well. Cotton material tends to pill. Pilling is when the fabric forms small balls of fluff on its surface. While linen can be a little rougher when new and price is quite a bit higher than cotton. So, how can we get the best of both worlds? We can blend the two fabrics together so we can enjoy all their strengths while avoiding their weaknesses. Finepeek perfected the cotton/linen blending and offers an array of suits that everyone can enjoy.  


Full proof Suit Styles – Outfit Guide

We have finally reached the step where you have decided your desired suit and pants styles and material fitting for you.  Hopefully you’ve made wise choices and when the outfit is matched together, it will flow nicely.  Mixing and matching different elements can be tricky at times.  Sometimes, it would be wise to stay with principal colors and styles that are tried and true to obtain the best effect. 


  • Solid Colors

Dressing yourself with solid colors can have visual advantages.  Other than portraying a clean and casual style, you might appear taller and thinner.  This visual effect is certainly helpful for many people and could be considered when picking out your outfit.


  • Tone on Tone

A slight variation of solid colored outfit is when you stylize tone on tone.  This is a favorite amongst many.  The slight color variation gives the wearer a bit more character.  Just a faint color difference on your top and bottom could make all the difference in the world.


  • Neutral x Color

One of the easiest ways to add diversity and a little chic is to mix up the colors. Wearing a neutral-colored top and a pair of dark pants is the safest route to go. If you want to be bold, you can certainly experiment with different color combinations. Although the top and bottom color might be mismatched at times, it could certainly be an expression of individuality. 

  • Neutral x Neutral

A tried-and-true style is always a safe haven for most people.  Simple and solid colors certainly make your outfit look more uniform.  A white shirt inside paired with khaki blazer and pants visually binds the colors and creates a great effect..

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