5 Simple ways to style a shirt dress for all seasons

5 Simple ways to style a shirt dress for all seasons

As we stroll along and capture the momentum of the ever-popular floral prints, we want to introduce another “timeless fashion”, which is the shirt dress.  With its simplistic and straightforward style, its charm is direct and pure. This ageless fashion will forever have a place in your wardrobe.


Button-down Shirt dresses have been around since the 19th century, making it a lasting influence for countless generations.  The button-down shirt dress has been able to adapt to the times and come together with current designs that make them seem like a classic fit for all time.

1. Waist belt

Due to the fabric and design of the shirt dress, is a one-piece garment.  To further enhance the look of your figure, wearing a belt along your waist could achieve wondrous results.  This simple embellishment can feature your curves and body creating a stunning effect.

MECALA Women's Button Front Long Sleeve Belted Short Dress

2. Sweater

The shirt dress can adapt to most all styles.  During the cold morning, simply jump into an oversized sweatshirt and you will give off a completely different look.  Giving off that casual and relaxed vibe, your effortless fashion statement is worthy of a double take.

Cable knit sweater and shirt dress

3. Leggings or tights

When we explore deeper into the shirt dress, we can see that it truly is a fit for all seasons.  Even in the chilly winter season, we can throw on a pair of leggings or tights under the long sleeve shirt dress. This should be sufficed to keep your legs warm during colder days.

4. Denim pants

Not even denim pants can stop the shirt dress to clash.  With the right fitting pair of denim and the right color combination, it can mesh into a wonderful collaboration.  Try to pair your jeans regularly as you would with the shirt you would wear.  This simple yet effective way of wearing jeans and shirt dress give you the best of both worlds.

Denim pants and shirt dress

5. Wear shirt dress as cardigans

Sometimes, we have to think outside the box and go a whole different direction.  We use the H-shaped shirt dress for instance.  As a very popular choice for many because of its versatility, it can be worn as-is, or it can be unbuttoned and be worn as a cardigan.  Paving way to a new way to wear your shirt dress.


With endless possibilities and different fabrics, colors, and styles of shirt dresses to choose from, we are confident that you will find the perfect one to have a special place in your wardrobe.  As we provided you with a straightforward entry to the world of shirt dresses, we wish you the very best in your endeavor to finding the ones that pleases your palate.

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