Trending Tie Dye Styles: 3 Tie Dye craze women love now

Trending Tie Dye Styles: 3 Tie Dye craze women love now

One of the hippie cultures that seem to have taken over ever since 2020 is the tie dye rage. With the pandemic giving the tie dye a helping hand and everyone wearing colorful tracksuits and onesies, this style is back with a vengeance.


Tie-dye is an easy and simple way to add an extra flair to your wardrobe. With a little time and some easy-to-get supplies, you can make your own tie-dye style in no time. 


The tie-dyeing process is pretty simple and straightforward. First, make sure you fold your garment several times to get the desired effect. Once folded, tie them in rubber bands so the garment won’t lose its shape. Then, you can either add the color to water and soak the garment in the colored water and hang dry, or squirt the color straight onto the garment and then rinse off the excess paint. Once dry, take off all the rubber bands and wash the fabric dry.  Open up your garment and admire your work of art.


3 tie dye craze women love now


If you are lazy like most of us and just want to get straight into the results, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite pieces that you can purchase online now.  You don’t need to get messy and be DIY savvy, just follow our lead and we will get you trendy in no time.




Searching for that perfect tie-dye dress that catches eyes and is super comfy at the same time? You’re in luck with this tie-dye pattern bodycon dress in pink or light blue. Designed with you in mind, this super adorable dress is made from soft and lightweight viscose and rayon fabric. Making this dress perfect for those laid-back days that you want to dress comfortably. Do not overlook the versatility of this dress. It can be the perfect look to complement you on that special date or laid back enough for a cozy night in with your significant other. 


Tee & Pajama

Feel and look your very best at home with these tie dye tees and PJs.  Check out or light and pastel colored 2-piece pajamas and Tees. They will instantly give you a new perspective on life! They are so adorable and comfortable that you may never want to take them off. They are super easy to maintain that when it does get grimy, just throw them in the washing machine and you’re all set!

Casual workout wear


When you feel great, you will most likely get a more productive workout session. Therefore, when you wear this trend-setting tie-dye workout attire, you will surely feel and perform your best! Why mess with a boring old plain shirt when you can up the game and outfit yourself from our tie dye workout wear collection? Dress more vibrant and feel more radiant during all seasons of your workout.   

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