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Article: How to look thinner in bodycon dress in winter?

Fall Season Bodycon Dress Style Tips

How to look thinner in bodycon dress in winter?

The cold season offers plenty of opportunities to try out new fashions that highlight and accentuate your beauty while keeping the cold weather out. Bodycon dresses offer excellent options due to their versatility and elegance. To get the best out of your bodycon wardrobe this Fall and Winter, here's a look at some of the most alluring combinations and pairings you should try.


Blue Denim Jacket Combo

Women's Button Front Flap Pocket Denim Jacket

Pairing a black mini dress bodycon with a classic blue denim jacket will make an undeniably fashion-forward statement this Fall and Winter. This is a look that works in a casual or semi-official setting and will serve you well on an evening out on the town. Pair it with a pair of black-and-white low-top canvas sneakers to complete this look.


Brown Camel Coat Combo

Women's Lapel Knee Length Coat

The cold season can get rather chilly at times, and putting on a white mini bodycon dress might not be the best way to cope with the weather, no matter how stylish it is. A great way to beat the cold while putting your best foot forward, consider putting on a brown camel coat and pair it with a set of over-the-knee black elastic boots. When you combine all this with a simple handbag or clutch, you'll achieve an endlessly elegant effect that's sure to impress.


Gray Cardigan and Black Suede Combo

MECALA Women's Solid Cardigan

Comfort does not have to come at the expense of style, and combining your bodycon dress with a warm gray cardigan is a great way to enjoy the best of both worlds. A gray open cardigan paired with a matching beanie hat and a pair of sunglasses will make for a stylish yet warm ensemble, which will be perfect for the cooler seasons. If you want to take this outfit to the next level, try and get your hands on a pair of black suede boots, which will take most outfits to the next level.


Black Chelsea Boot Combo

If you're hoping to achieve the ultimate blend of comfort and style with your outfit, you can't go wrong with pairing the mini black bodycon dress and leather jacket combination. A black biker jacket is a timeless wardrobe item and is uniquely versatile in what it can be paired with. Get a pair of Chelsea boots to complete this outfit, and you'll be all set for a big day out.


Final Thoughts

Bodycon dresses are a staple of any modern wardrobe and appear throughout the year in various colors, forms, and cuts. Aside from their versatility, they are popular because they offer nearly limitless options for accessorizing, matching, and embracing new fashion trends. Don't worry about getting the right colors where bodycon dresses are concerned - these dresses come in all colors imaginable, so don't be afraid to take a risk.


Note that you should never wear bodycon dresses with flats. Bodycon dresses are designed to give you a glamorous look, and flats will not match this vibe. Put on some pumps, wedges, or stilletos to achieve the elegant, slimming, and elongating effect that works best with these outfits.

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