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Article: How to Wear Summer Dresses in Winter and Fall

How to Wear Summer Dresses in Winter and Fall

How to Wear Summer Dresses in Winter and Fall

Making your outfit warmer in the winter can be challenging, especially if you want to wear a dress. Additionally, having a summer and winter wardrobe may sometimes feel excessive. You should be able to transition some of your pieces between different seasons. Here are some styling tips on how to wear summer dresses in winter.


Styling summer dresses in fall and winter


Pair the summer dress with thermal tights or leggings


You can pair your dress with fleece-lined tights, cozy leggings, and temperature-controlled or thermal tights for a warm winter outfit. The tights work like magic and are an essential feature for your winter outfit. The leggings will help keep you warm, especially when wearing summer dresses in the winter.


You could wear the leggings with your dress to work and throw a cute coat over your dress whenever you plan on stepping out. The fleece-lined tights are quite snugly, too, and you could add a plaid handbag, black boots, and a soft black fur coat finish off the look. You may add a thermal vest to make the outfit warmer or pair it with a simple black cardigan.


Wear your summer dress with a jumper


You can layer your summer dress with a jumper in the winter to make the outfit warmer and more stylish. The best jumper to wear with this outfit is one that's knitted, cropped, and cinches you at the waist. That'll help you maintain a flattering silhouette. Adding a jumper to your simmer dress can help you transition the outfits through varying seasons, including winter and fall.


You should wear your jumper with a strappy, bodycon dress you'd usually wear in the summer. You may choose a cropped jumper with a frilled hem, neckline, and cuffs to your dress to cover up your shoulders and arms and still look classy. Add some warm tights if you plan on wearing a shorter bodycon dress.


Pair your summer dress with a blazer or jacket


Create the ultimate winter dress when going to work by pairing your summer dress with a blazer or jacket. Most offices are a bit chilly, especially in the fall and winter. Wearing an indoor-appropriate jacket or blazer over your workwear dress to keep warm without compromising your style.


For instance, you can wear a shift dress and a tween jacket for the perfect style. Appropriate jackets are perfect for short-sleeved or sleeveless dresses. You can pair the dress with tights that complement or match your dress for the ultimate, classy office look.


Wear long-style dresses and a long coat


You can combine style with comfort by wearing a long coat and dress to stay warm during the winter or fall. You should pair coats and dresses of similar lengths and complementary colors for a seamless and classy look. Layers made of varying lengths won't look good together.


Additionally, you should select dresses or long coats with light materials since they'll be easier to layer. You can add a turtleneck for additional warmth. The clothing will cover your arms and shoulders and elevate your outfit, creating a chic style. Add a simple piece of jewelry, and you are good to go.

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