Kate Middleton Stuns with Simple, Chic Street-Style

Kate Middleton Stuns with Simple, Chic Street-Style

Kate Middleton is known for her elegant, often thrifty style - a style on clear display during her visit to the Colham Manor Children's Centre last Wednesday.


For years Kate has been a strong advocate for children's and maternal mental healthcare, and she spent some time this week learning and educating at the center. Never failing to impress, the royal all the while turned heads with her sleek, simple outfit..


The latest news for Kate Middleton has her wearing a green ribbed minidress from Mango, paired with a darker green coat from Hobbs. To top off the ensemble she wore a crocodile-stamped leather belt from Polo Ralph Lauren, and added to her height with a pair of dark olive pumps from Giovanni Rossito.


The result was what could be described as royal street-style, simple but elegant, something we've seen on more than one occasion from the Princess. Street-style is popular not only with Kate, but also with other celebrities known for their fashion prowess like Kyle Jenner or Sienna Miller


The green Mango dress - which went for only $40 - has already sold out. But the Princess's dress reminds us a lot of our own, similarly-priced ribbed dress. The long-sleeved, bodycon Maxi dress is available in red, brown, or apricot colors.


For other options similar in style and effect, but not exactly the same as what Kate Middleton wore, consider the Open Bodycon Midi Dress from Mecala or our V Neck Long Sleeve Split Thigh dress. The Mecala dress is available in black, wheat, or green and made mostly from polyester.- it'll have you feeling exquisite on any formal or semi-formal occasion.

 Women's Rib-Knit Maxi Dress

The V-Neck dress comes in white, grey, or black, and has a similar neckline to some dresses Kate has worn on other occasion (she wants to have a little fun, after all, but still needs to stick to royal guidelines!).

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Of course, to complete this Princess-inspired look, you're going to need a long, military-style coat. The Lori Wool Cashmere coat from Hobbs, priced at around $430, has also sold out, but looks very similar to our V-Neck High Waist Jumpsuit - both feature a double-breasted style, chic and ideal for the cooling temperatures of late autumn.


Kate has once again shown the world not only that she cares about difficulties faced by kids and young mothers, but that she knows how to look good while bringing attention to them! Kate Middleton style is iconic, so thanks again for showing us we don't have to break the bank to show off an awesome fall street-style worthy of a Princess.


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