3 Ideas That Will Inspire Your Summer Vacation Outfits

3 Ideas That Will Inspire Your Summer Vacation Outfits

3 Ideas That Will Inspire Your Vacation Outfit Style


As the weather rises and the ice cream melts in your hands, you know that summer break is right around the corner. While you are scrambling to see what to wear, we have just the right styles and outfit ideas to complete your looks just in time. No matter what your vacation plans are, we picked each look and use fail-safe staples such as waist shorts, stylish camis, tank tops, bohemian maxi dresses and floral pattern blouses. We did the groundwork so all you have left to do is soak in the sun and have some fun!


No matter what style catches your eye, you can’t go wrong with any of our outfit style inspirations below. To shop, click on the photos of the items that grab your attention!


Maxi Bohemian Dresses + White Cami Top


One of the most stressful starts to the summer trip is packing, as we try to find a medium between fashion and comfort. Striving to create a cute beach party outfit and attain a balance of comfort and chic is very important. You can never go wrong with a solid maxi skirt in the summer. Pair this beach resort dress with a simple white cami top and you have a winning combination of a casual beach vacation look.


Most times, a fundamental rule to fashion is that the simplicity of a look can sometimes create the most sophisticated of outcomes.   



bohemian skirt



Tropical Jumpsuit / Ditsy Floral Blouse


If you are searching for a basic pair of a summer jumpsuit or blouse kit, a tropical printed jumpsuit or a ditsy floral blouse matched with a simple pair of jeans will surely be your best bet. The jumpsuit provides the perfect cozy look during a warm outing. The floral blouse brings a tropical aspect to your style. Elevating your fashion points but keeping you comfortable at the same time. 



orange jumpsuit



Sports Tank Top and Quick Dry Clothes


If the sporty look is the one that draws your attention. From tank tops, polos, t-shirts with fast dry fabric, no matter what catches your attention, the sporty look will always be a timeless fashion option during the summer. Not only are they fashionable, they are advantageous too! Please check out our last blog to learn more about quick dry fabrics.



orange tank top


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