Gearing up for your first dirt bike ride!

Gearing up for your first dirt bike ride!

Gearing up for your first dirt bike ride!

Dirt biking is one of the most exciting hobbies, yet it can be quite rough and menacing.  Crashes and falls are expected so equipping yourself with the right gear for your riding is essential. To protect ourselves right, we need to have basic protective equipment such as a helmet, goggles, neck brace, jersey, gloves, pants, and boots. Underneath the fundamental protection is to equip yourself with elbow guards, chest protectors, back protectors, kidney belts, and knee guards. 


Enjoying your dirt biking experience is to first ensure your safety, which is why it is important to equip all of the proper equipment in your gear bag.


For the dirt biking beginner, we first need to explore and focus on what the necessary protective equipment is needed when riding. Making sure that the gear you choose is strong enough to withstand the abuse is crucial. Selecting the correct pants, boots, and protective gear underneath can be a major difference between a fall. 



How to protect your body during dirt biking?


-    Quality gloves can protect your hands from getting injured when you fall off the dirt bike. It also can act as a hand warmer during riding on colder days and protection from the wind.


-   Investing in a quality pair of strong riding boots is essential for the protection of your ankles and feet. The boots need to be resilient enough to handle the crash yet be comfortable so you can perform at your peak when dirt biking.


-     Your attire should be comprised of a long sleeve jersey and pants. A tight-fitting jersey and pants will reduce your drag and motion when biking. The jersey and pants should act as a heat barrier so you do not get accidentally burned by the dirt bike engine while riding. 


What should you wear underneath?


What you wear underneath your dirt bike wearing is an integral part of your protective gear. The best option is by wearing a compression suit underneath your dirt bike gear to reduce the stiffness of all of the outer protective pieces. 


The general rule of gearing up is to be comfortable, but safe. All of the protection pieces work together in harmony to absorb the impact of each fall and crash. It is vital to wear the mid-layer suit with compression.


Dirt biking is exhilarating without a doubt. It is also very rough and dangerous if you do not protect yourself with the right gear. Just remember the essentials we’ve mentioned to protect yourself accordingly. Now go have some fun!




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