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Article: 3 Must Know Outfit Combinations with Women’s Floral Top

3 Must Know Outfit Combinations with Women’s Floral Top

3 Must Know Outfit Combinations with Women’s Floral Top

Floral prints are considered to be a staple and definitive in world of fashion.  We often see floral patterns throughout magazines, books, and somewhere in our daily life.  Clothing is also scattered with designs of floral prints.  It attracts quite a number of people and they love to pick out ones that are decorated with flowers.


Floral patterns caught popularity in Europe since the 17th and 18th centuries.  During that time, most clothing was very basic and singular until the introduction of the floral print. Even though it gained notoriety rather quickly, it did cause controversy due to the fact that the flowers were made out of cotton.  Government did not want the people to wear flower skirts made of cotton and tried to suppress them.  Even with the government suppression, the floral print was still extremely popular among the people due to its unique design that strayed away from monotony. 


Floral prints often go hand in hand with casual and comfortable outfits.  Let’s dig into the history of women liberating their bodies and giving up corsets.  At the beginning of the 20th century, people began to break away from the rationality and indifference of the Victorian era and began to pursue a more “free way of life.”  This is when corsets and girdles have been increasingly questioned. These attires to represent modesty had sent citizens into a frenzy. In 1904, British women politicians launched a campaign against restricting women’s bodies and clothing.  France agreed with this movement and followed suit.


The 20th century marked a revolutionary period of American fashion.  Both European and American countries have opened a new era of fashion during this time.  Finally, women could take off their corsets which restricted their movement and health and replace it with their free choice of elegant and non-restrictive clothing.  This is when floral prints became more mainstream.  With this cause, it effected the industrial revolution introduction of new manufacturing processes, which made it much easier to obtain printed fabrics.


Since then, the floral motifs have been loved and accepted by major brands and designers.  During the 1950s, Pop art originated in the UK and found its way to the United States in the early 1960s. The pop art movement was greatly developed in the United States due to the influence of many celebrity artists that were represented by Andy Warhol, who was the leading figure in the visual arts movement.  Pop art design are bold and use a large number of patterns to create bright and dynamic clothing.  During this movement, we could see large flower patterns on A-line miniskirts, and women wearing flower scarves.  Hippies could be seen wearing bell bottoms with floral patterns, vests or elegant skirts, all with bold floral adornments.


As the floral prints have become a timeless fashion, many choose to wear dresses and blouses adorned with floral prints.  Becoming an essential part of your wardrobe style during the spring and summer, the floral print is a basic necessity for women nowadays.  Here, we will guide you to become a qualified fashionista with these easy to pair fits.  You can refer to our matching guide below:



Floral Blouse + Jeans

This combination is simple and basic, yet pleasing on the eye and fashionable.  The floral printed blouse and the jeans mix together to combine a casual look that cannot be beat.  The jeans neutralize the floral blouse to form a cohesive fashion statement.

 MECALA Women's Ditsy Floral Blouse with V-Neck Drawstring Short Sleeve

Floral Top + Woven Accessories

When wearing floral tops, a must have accessory is a woven bag.  These go together like Adam & Eve.  No matter the place or event, look your best with this pairing.  It doesn’t matter whether a trend changes or not, this collaboration will surely still be glam!


No.1 Dark Floral Prints are more fashionable

If we are to rank floral prints attire according to their fashion level, the floral prints with a dark background are the top pick.  This pairing will not give the effect of an over-the-top feeling that might make some people uncomfortable.  The neutral dark colors are more inviting and creates a more soothing effect, thus making it more in fashion.

MECALA Women's Floral Print Long Sleeve Ruffled Trim Blouse

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