Women's Jumpsuit Outfit Ideas for Work, Wedding

Women's Jumpsuit Outfit Ideas for Work, Wedding

Have you been clamoring for a new look but are stuck and out of ideas? Or maybe you have considered giving a new style a try?  You might just have to stop looking and put everything down because we may just have the perfect attire for the new you!  The jumpsuit!  Not only is it super versatile, it integrates fashion, leisure, and elegance all into one!  It is perfect as the multi-occasion outfit in you wardrobe.  You could certainly wear it to work and afterwards to the bar for a drink or an upscale dinner.  No matter the event, the jumpsuit has become the fashion statement essential in your outfit rotation.

MECALA Women's Solid Waist Wide Leg Jumpsuit Women Romper


How to pick a formal jumpsuit for the workplace

Are you one of those people that stare at your closet every morning deciding what to wear for work?  You feel like all of your clothes basically look the same and give off the same vibe?  Well, you’re in luck, because the jumpsuit is here to save the day! The very first time you try on a jumpsuit, you will just fall head over heels with it.  You wish you would have known that this piece of clothing existed long before you knew.  What draws you in is the comfort and its loose and casual fit.  It could be perfect just lounging around the house or walking to your neighborhood coffee shop.  However, the jumpsuit is much more than that.  It is perfect for so many more occasions, such as the workplace or office.  Given the right color combination, you are set to dress in a jumpsuit for work!  We suggest darker hues for the workplace, such as black, sapphire blue, or military green.  Also, jumpsuits with sleeves seem increase the formality too.  If you want an even classier and sophisticated look, we might suggest a lapel jumpsuit or a v-neck jumpsuit.  Don’t fret if you need to grab a few drinks after work, because you are still dressed the part with your jumpsuit! 

 MECALA Women's Solid Waist Wide Leg Jumpsuit Women Romper


How to choose a dressy jumpsuit to attend a wedding

When attending a wedding, your default style is to dress formal and elegant.  What if you could achieve that while dressing fashionably too?  Might seem too good to be true, but the right jumpsuit will get you those exact results!  Depending on the type of wedding, a bright colored jumpsuit for an outdoor wedding, or a darker colored jumpsuit for an inside venue wedding, you will surely flourish and look your absolute best!  If you want to pay attention to more detail, you can opt for a sleeveless jumpsuit to look even more elegant.  With the jumpsuit’s unique attributes and wide legged look, you will surely be catching attention and be at the center of it all.


Picking the right jumpsuit for Your Body Type

Petite body type:

It can be a bit confusing and upsetting finding the right jumpsuit for a petite body.  Do not fret, as this is a quite simple issue to solve.  You can choose the jumpsuit of your liking.  The trick is to fold the waist and cover with a belt and corset.  This will certainly highlight your great figure!


Pear body type:

The ideal jumpsuit to choose is one with high waist and wide legs.  While wearing this type of jumpsuit, it will accentuate your slender hands and feet, full hips and tight upper body.  This will surely make the public do a double take to your nice and full body type!


Apple body type:

The upper body of the apple shaped body is heavier while the legs are thinner.  The apple body shaped women's Jumpsuit should strictly focus on defining the waist and legs.  Avoid lantern sleeves at all costs, which may aggrandize your overall shape.  If the waist line is too high, it will give out a chest clamping effect, which will hamper the look we are going for.  The ideal position for the waist line is on the position of the last rib.  This will naturally optimize the proportion and give the effect of lightness and radiance, achieving the desired effect of the overall shape.

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