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As summer rolls around, crowds flock to the beach and swimming pools for some fun under the sun! If you are looking to join in on the festivities, summer beach trip, or swimming pool party, but need a nice-looking swimsuit or summer vibes, well, you have come to the right place! We are here to dazzle you up and give you a rundown of what to wear.


Today we are going to cover many types of beachwear, such as full coverage swimsuits, bikinis, one-piece swimsuits, and cover-up tops.


  1. Burkini or Burqini


Burkini swimsuits have come a long way since their creation. At first, mostly worn by women for their modesty and ethical reasons, it has become more accepted by women to be worn as a form of skin protection. The unforgiving summer heat shines down on you and fights with the sunscreen on your skin. The second layer of protection is a very wise choice to battle against the summer heat.

Burkini was created by a Lebanese fashion designer- Aheda Zanetti in 2004, who wanted to encourage more women to enjoy sports and the beach culture without compromising on their modesty. The burkini name is a combination of two words: burqa and bikini. It is a swimsuit that covers your body by only exposing the face, hands, and feet. 


  1. Bikini


blue bikini swimsuits


When we first think of a swimsuit piece, undoubtedly the bikini comes to mind for quite a few of us. As one of the most popular choices for many beachgoers around the world, it is unquestionably the one that bares the most and cover-up only where the sun doesn’t shine.  The only prerequisite to wearing this piece of swimsuit is Confidence.


  1. One-Piece


white bikini swimsuits


One-piece swimsuits are a perfect choice for modesty and practicality. This type of swimwear is sleek and comfortable, ergonomic in the water. It is always the best choice for athletes. Cutting off this swimsuit covers the entire torso from chest to groin.


One-piece swimsuits are the widely accepted choice for most women. Reserved and modest at the same time, it covers up much more than a bikini. It is generally very comfortable to wear and ergonomic in the water. It is also quite the popular choice among athletes for its aerodynamic fit.   


  1. Cover-ups

As we all race to the beach in hopes to get that sun-kissed tan that we yearn for all year long, we must remember to also protect ourselves from the harmful rays. Overexposure to the sun could be extremely harmful. A great way to protect yourself from the menacing rays is with an attractive beach cover-up.

We suggest a Kaftan beach cover-up to be versatile enough for any occasion. Depending on how you style and wear it, you can even wear it to dinner or a night beach party. It is without a doubt that the kaftans are one the most glamorous beach cover-ups. They provide a sense of luxury and extravagance while adorning it.


Burkini at Finepeek


Finepeek - 4POSE offers the finest full-body swimsuit designs to match your style. We cover women of all shapes and sizes. No matter what your frame is, we have just the right fit designed for you to impress. Our full-body swimsuits are made to last and balance the fashion and function of sportswear. We stand behind each of our designs and are confident to assure you that you will be beyond satisfied wearing this proudly.


islamic full coverage swimwear


One of the shared goals at Finepeek is to encourage people to express their individuality through their outfits. We designed the Burkini series specifically for women more reserved and modest. One of the challenges with sportswear and swimwear is to create these attires that will make each woman feel undivided and in solidarity with everyone. With our carefully crafted styles of full-body coverage swimwear, we can all have our fun in the sun in harmony.

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