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One of the most popular but often overlooked trends for the summer and fall is the kaftan dress. When vacationing, you want feel and dress your best. This is where the mesh kaftan comes in with the soft, flowy and breathable attire to glam you up. The plus size kaftan dress is super versatile as you can have your own fit underneath it and you will still look ravishing. It is just perfect for all occasions. With its long and storied history, you will be the talk of the town wearing this dress.


If fashion is your style and comfort is your thing, we highly recommend you wearing one of our stylish and elegant KAFTANS this summer!

The history of the Kaftan

Originating in Asia, kaftan has been worn from a number of cultures around the world for thousands of years. It is traditionally made using cotton, silk, wool, cashmere and sometimes other types of fabrics


The word “Kaftan” was brought into the English language during the late sixteenth century, when it was introduced as the Turkish term used to describe the long, formal coats worn by members of the Ottoman court.


Well-made and sequins elaborately embroidered garments were the perfect gift during the Ottoman Empire. At the time, Kaftan gained popularity in Asia, Russia, Southwest Asia and also Northern Africa. The kaftan is often worn as a coat or as an overdress. In some cultures, the kaftan has served as a symbol of royalty.


During the 1980s women’s black and gold kaftan from Saudi Arabia was made popular due to the design as sheer with a gold applique pattern and a black trim border around the neckline, and down the center front to create a V-shape.

Kaftan Fashion

 Caftans are worn to make you feel effortlessly chic. It is a vital part of fashion history as it has paved the way and inspired so many different designers and clothes all around the world.  The kaftan like caftan tops or caftan dress had its moment in the spotlight with great reason, and it is still a force of fashion today with their timeless look and feel! From the traditional kaftan, it has evolved many different ways of wearing like lightweight mesh kaftans for summer, kimono kaftans beachwear, full kaftans, long black kaftans, sweatshirt kaftans and so on.


Hunting down that perfect kaftan dress might be a chore in itself. We did all the hard work so all you have to do is pick from our hand curated collection and you will be ready to shine!

Things to know when selecting your ideal Kaftan


Prior to purchasing your kaftan, we would like to share some important tips that may help you select the right kaftan along the way.


  • Select from a professional collection brand

Obtaining your kaftan from a professional collection brand will ensure you of its quality and a classic style that will surely be timeless.

  • “One size fits all”

This attire is generally loose fitting that is designed to fit all builds and sizes. It is up to you on how you want to style yourself underneath the kaftan. Making each wearer’s fashion unique in their own way.

  • What’s your purpose?

Heading to the beach? Got a special dinner coming up? No matter what type of occasion you may have, the kaftan is suitable for any event. It’s a simple cover up to make you look glam or just enough to add a little flair to your beach outing. You can wear what you please for the designated occasion and add the kaftan just to spice you up a bit.

  • Consider the length

The classic kaftan features a long hem, thus making it a maxi dress. Please consider the length of the kaftan prior to deciding.

Kaftan dresses are extremely versatile outfits that accentuate you and are suitable for any occasion. With the right blend, it can be classic and elegant or simple and laid back. It can become many combinations dependent on your choice. Hence, it is an essential piece of clothing for everyone’s wardrobe.  


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